Monday, September 5, 2011

Rancho Las Lomas Wedding featured on Wedding Chicks! Special Thanks to Melissa Brandman

Remember Adina and Josh's wedding?  We're honored to be featured on  Wedding Chicks !  Special thanks to Melissa Brandman Photography for your hard work on making it happen!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

One awesome couple + Rancho Las Lomas on a perfect day = A perfect Wedding

Adina and Josh are the kind of couple that everyone admires... Not only are they are both successful professionals, but they are kind and generous in every way. We were so lucky to spend a year together in preparation for their big weekend putting together awesome vendors to create their perfect wedding.  Wish we could repeat this event every weekend!


 Awesome vendors for Adina and Josh's incredible year of planning, ending with their incredible day:
 Planning and Productions from Swellegant Events, Entertainment and Lighting  from Joe and his team at Atmosphere Entertainment, Delicious and Memorable Catering from 24 Carrots, Photography from the uber talented  Melissa Brandman, Florals and Design from Bloompia, and all graphics from Brandi at Girl Friday Designs!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nixon Library Wedding + The Perfect Couple = The Beginning of a Great Life

What an absolutely wonderful wedding!  Gorgeous Jeni and Cool and Kind Vance set the scene for a picture perfect wedding at The Nixon Library.  It was my honor to coordinate this wedding, with the perfect team of vendors:  The Nixon Library, of course...., which is an exquisite venue and Jason's Catered Events with Jeni and Vance's perfect bites at each and every course. Shane Jordan Entertainment rocked the house (It was an easy evening with this FUN crowd!) and   The California Bride provided beautiful linens, florals, and decor.  (LOVED the Bride's bouquet, above all else! )  Joanne and her team from Joanne Distaso Photography provided not only beautiful shots, but made the Bride and Groom feel like they were in their living room taking casual shots... How did she do that?  Her style is awesome.  Wishing Jeni and Vance a lifetime of happiness... it won't be hard, with these two incredible people.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tiffany + Ben + Marc Weisberg = Totally Cool Couple and Totally Cool Engagement Shots

I love fun engagement shots!  Check these out from my uber talented photographer friend, Marc Weisberg!   Marc shot this fabulous, fun couple and really captured their personalities.  Can't wait for this Nixon Library wedding on August 19th, 2011.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Etiquette about Hiring your Wedding Officiant.... from Emily, Peggy, and Natalie

 What's the etiquette when the officiant doesn't show up on time?

1)  Make sure that your planner can perform ceremonies in an emergency.
2)  Make sure that your planner has his cell number (Of course, this is Wedding 101)
3)  Make sure that your planner has back up officiants.
4)  Make sure that  ceremony start time is confirmed.  If you've signed a contract early on, double check to make sure that your officiant has the correct start time and that he/she will arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ceremony.

I had an Officiant who was late a few weeks ago... a first for Swellegant.
He was 10 minutes late and I was calm, cool, and collected on the outside.   Inside, I was on to Plan B.    We had planned an elegant wedding, with incredible vendors in place. The ONLY vendor who wasn't on my preferred list was the Officiant, of course.   So, thankfully, Plan B was in place and my team handled it well, even though we didn't have to implement it.
 Special thanks to my wedding coordinator friends (KJ, GM, and JK )  who answered my 411 calls from the wedding location.  Even though I'm actually "Legal" to perform ceremonies in California, I have ZERO interest in doing so.... your officiant is personally YOURS.

The wedding ceremony went beautifully, and no one, including the Bride and Groom, family, and guests even knew that he was late.  I did have a quiet conversation with that officiant after the ceremony was complete.  I know that telling him I wanted to pinch his ear HARD because he didn't call me to let me know he was going to be late was bad etiquette.  I didn't care.

After that wedding, I consulted Emily Post 1957 and Peggy Post 2006 again, to see what they had to say about hiring vendors.  (Although, when the Officiant wasn't there as scheduled, Emily and Peggy weren't standing next to me, but I thought of their grace)  Sorry,  I digress.

Here's what Peggy and Emily Post  have to say about the folks you hire:

  LOVE love love what Emily  says about employees.  "It stands to reason that one may expect more nearly perfect service from a Specialist than from one whose functions are multiple.  There is an inexplicable tendency, in this country certainly, for working people in general to look upon ....service as an unworthy ...degrading vocation.  However, it is the highest form of service."
Peggy Post, in her 2006 Wedding Etiquette book,  comments about different vendors and offers checklists for choosing your vendors... super helpful!

Natalie's thoughts?  Hire the very best vendors that you can afford, and let your Planner be the Director of the show.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What's Trendsetting in the Wedding World? Hang your Decor from the Ceiling and Take a Trip to Home Depot

LOVED last night's ABC-OC meeting (Groupies from the Event World Unite!)  because it showed some of the best stuff happening right now in the wedding world.   Cool decor... awesome food stations... and great friends!

Look UP! It's amazing what you can do if you create one focal point in the room, which is what Bound Events  and the Newport Beach Marriott did last night. If you're a bride, think about how you can personalize your ballroom by creating an amazing room centerpiece!

Think OUTSIDE the glass vase!  Check out those cool cocktail hour centerpieces made from Home Depot dryer vents.

 Special thanks to Bob Ortiz for shooting over these photos early this morning, and for all of the other trustworthy, swell vendors at the event:  Fusion Linens , Catherine Joanne Cakes,  Raise the CakeCalligraffiti, and The Event ConsultantsCarcano DJGME DJMoore and Cruz PhotographyStefani Welsh Photography, and the Awesome Sweet Station from All you can Sweet.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clergy Fees for your Wedding...More Wednesday Wedding Etiquette from Emily, Peggy... and a Twist from Nat

Let's Talk CLERGY this Wednesday....

Emily Post 1957..."The fee of the clergyman may range anywhere from ten dollars to one or two hundred dollars, according to the means of the groom and the importance of the wedding."
Peggy Post 2006... " Site Specific.Each member of your wedding ceremony will be paid according to the site rules."
Natalie 2011...Ask your Officiant  up front  about their specific fees.  In terms of Gratuity for your Officiant:   "$50-300 in addition to fee is awesome..Not often considered a “tip”  If you have a relationship to this person, it may be given as a gift to the place of worship."

Special thanks to Melody Walker for her tips in Clergy Gratuity 

What a Gorgeous Rancho Las Lomas Wedding! Elizabeth and Chris= Forever Happiness

It all started with a tile as an inspiration for this gorgeous wedding...
 and WHAT a gorgeous wedding it turned out to be.
  Elizabeth and Chris' incredible families and wonderful bridal parties and a dream team of vendors to work with made the day flow beautifully
Check out .Elizabeth and Chris' Quick Video from 4120 to get an overall feel of their incredible day.

In the background, we worked for many months with Chris and Elizabeth bring their vision to reality. Several days of vendor meetings, many conference calls with the couple from San Francisco, and "Shopping Buddy" days with Elizabeth's Mom all laid the groundwork to create their vision.  Special thanks to The Incredible Pristine Rancho Las Lomas,  the talented Marc Weisburg,  wonderful 24 Carrots Catering, rock the house Shane Jordan EntertainmentMy Favorite Graphic Designer, Brandi, From Girl Friday Designs; beautiful florals from The Spiraled Stem' perfect transportation from Lake Forest Limos, delicious cake from  Beverly's Best, and great fun from Capital Photo Booth.

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Chris!  Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today was a Great Day! A Tuesday following an Incredible Wedding

Allow yourself to see the following picture in your mind:  Content, calm, their doorstep.... as I dropped off the last of their wedding items (thank you Rancho las Lomas staff!) It was an incredible Saturday for the Guth and Bravman Family.. stay tuned for details of their wedding!  More to come.  "Go Natalie!  Go Natalie!" from Tim, Father of the Bride... What a Saturday.  Happy to be a part of their weekend.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Stephanie & Neil Nixon Library Incredible Wedding

Better late than never!  Wanted to share one of our very cool weddings from last summer.  Stephanie and Neil were SO much fun, and gorgeous, too!  I loved working with them, and their dream team of vendors.
A lounge designed with vintage furniture from the hottest new vendor Found Vintage Rentals  in Orange County, a sweets buffet fit for the President, plus a dress change during the reception so that the bride could boogie down  – this wedding is full of style and the Swell Details were captured by Jim Kennedy Photographers.

A Vintage Lounge created by Found Rentals and bright florals by Jenny B

Sweets Buffet thanks to Sweet and Saucy Shop

A Dress Change so Stephanie could boogie with Jordan Music Entertainment

Stephanie, who grew up in Orange County California, met Neil, originally from New Zealand, when they attended UC Santa Barbara. Their goal while planning their wedding with me was to create a warm environment for both families. It was important to have a hassle free weekend for the over 50 out of town guests.

The couple wanted a beautiful location that incorporated their Catholic traditions – they chose Holy Family Cathedral in Orange, CA for their ceremony and The Richard Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, CA for their reception. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

"OH the Places You'll Go" Dr. Seuss Inspired Bar Mitzvah

"You'll go Far, Young Man!" -Dr. Seuss

I recently coordinated a one-of-a-kind, totally fun and whimsical Bar Mitzvah at The Marconi Automotive Museum.  SUCH FUN with such a great family!  Great themed stations from Award-Winning Jason's Catered Events included "Cat in the Hat" Cosmos... and "I am Sam"  Martinis...Gourmet Mashed Potato Station,  Awesome Slider Station with Three Types of Sliders, and a Gourmet Chili Station.   Amazing fried candy bars and mini donuts from Shelly at The Fry Girl.  YUM-O.  The Awesome Bar Mitzvah Mom created her very own candy station in the Turquoise and Red colors of the party.  Abbit the Average was his usual wacky self... strolling through the party and making everyone laugh.  Special thanks to the Awesome Jen from PhotoJenic for the detail shots.

Clever Names from the Book were our Table Names...including  Great Places!High Flyers!Great Sights!High Heights!Weirdish Wild Space!The Waiting Place!Another Chance!Brighter Places!Escape!Any Direction your Choose!Wide Open Air! 


Centerpieces with OH So Cool Places
Once again, Thanks to the talented Jen Bierman from Photojenic for capturing these detail shots.

Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Wedding Trends Report... Straight from Summer Watkins of Grey Likes Weddings

If you haven't checked out Greylikesweddings lately, you might have missed something super swell!  At the ABC-OC meeting last week, Summer Watkins, of Greylikesweddings, talked about the 2011 Trends in Weddings. 

Biggest upcoming trends are: 
1) Back to Basics~ A Return to the Classics... STUNNING. Timeless, Classic, Feminine Looks.  Incredible Live Bands.  Classic Cakes. 
2)  Color Statements in a New Way ~  Neutral Palattes with a Pop of Color. Fashion Forward Design.  Statement Pieces on Brides and Bridal Party... Necklaces (think SHORT, BIG, THICK, CHUNKY) and FINALLY!  For the Bridesmaids out there... Your Own Choice of Dress in a Particular Color.
3)  Didn't your Mom always tell you, "Make new friends, but keep the old ?"    Perfection here in the OC.  Check out Found Vintage Rentals  for the perfect combination of New and Old Decor for your Event.  Jeni Maus has created a one- of- a- kind Vintage Rental Company... here in the OC  (had lunch with her today..:)  ) She definitely knows how to mix the old with the new  ... and how to create your perfect event.