Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Party Planner enjoying her own party?

A Swell Event, Indeed. Amazing Things happened when I let go of an Event and Let the Experts in my Event World Take Over.

Hosting my own party to celebrate my new site seemed... at first glance, like an interesting idea. I'm never one to shy away from a fun evening! Now that the party is over, I am blown away by the support from everyone in my world. Working by referral for six years with no site for my clients to view was pretty incredible. It was time and Swellegant Events took on a life of its' own. And, so, I hosted a celebration to toast many of the people who have helped me forage my way into the event business, and to thank my family and friends for their support.

First on the scene ... a surprise to me, and an incredible gift, was the talented and award winning photographer, Marc Weisberg. Generous with his talent and praise, he captured the evening beautifully. My overwhelming thanks to him.

Amazing things happen when you let go of an event and let the experts take over.

Jason and Adriana and everyone from Jason's Downtown hosted the event with signature Funky Monkey Cocktails (among others!), artisan cheeses, and customized tray-passed appetizers, as they always do for all of their clients. Jason, my friend, and colleague, never fails to suprise me with his ability to pull off an incredible event. Adri, you're a gift to the industry.

Gerry Robinson, a Hollywood Favorite entertainer, The Party Song Maker showed up and let everyone relax because of his talents. Who thinks in rhymes ? Unbelievable.

I smiled when I saw calm Kelly down the street.. That's Kelly Aguilar, from Social Butterfly Inc. Her generosity of spirit and knowledge is always appreciated.

Other friends appeared with their unique talents, and I toasted with them. Jen Siglin, expert web designer, from Laughing Beagle made the evening possible because of her great website work and Brandi McNaughton from Girl Friday Designs provided incredible graphics. Tim, the King of the Universe, from BTB Events didn't do a stitch of work, and that's exactly what I wanted. Irma and Joseph, you're the balloon artists, no doubt. Tina Murphy, expert videographer from A Motion Video provided video footage for my site, with patience and grace.

No party is complete without incredible sweets. Luisa, Goddess from Luisa Chocolatiere and my favorite ladies from Some Crust allowed everyone to enjoy decadent treats. Clients, if you are ever in need of sweets, they are the best in the business. I'll head to the gym this week thinking of them.

The incredible team from YSBD drove from the valley for a toast. Unbelievable. Rory, you are more than an incredible MC and DJ. You're a hottie with that blonde hair. Mary and Mike, thank you for your ethical and honest way of treating clients.

And finally, the biggest toasts of all went to Vish, Hanna, and my loyal clients and friends. Thanks for your belief in me.

Be swell.

Natalie Vishny

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Five Weddings and a Funeral.

Events are what my life is about! When someone in my business world and extended community needs me, I look forward to the call to assist in creating a perfect day.

My September 2008 was filled with my favorite events of all... WEDDINGS. 5 Full Coordination Jobs in all.... all beautiful brides, all incredible grooms. I love giving inside tips to grooms before the wedding day (my special surprise to brides!) , fluffing the dresses and calming the nerves of brides as they walk down the aisle, and helping the families and friends of the bridal couple make the most of the day. ( I especially love Mothers of the Brides and Grooms... having the perspective of a 45 year old woman. ) I take great pride in leaving a reception site with brides often saying to me, "I had no idea how much I needed you."

My wedding bag which includes everything from Tylenol to Duct Tape, takes care of every imaginable emergency! After the wedding, I take great happiness in receiving emails from married couples showing me their ultrasound photos, their baby pictures, and inviting me to birthday parties of their children.

And, I realize the importance of weddings and marriage, even more deeply, the longer I am married. 22 be exact. And also, because of a funeral I attended this month of a happily married young man, I know that life is short. Knowing his bride and knowing her heartache reminded me of the fleeting time we have here on earth.

And so, I say, to all of my readers who are looking for a coordinator who takes your event seriously, and LOVES the opportunity to assist you, understands the magnitude of what each life cycle event means, give me a call. Always happy to help create your dream.

Be swell.

Natalie Vishny, Orange County Party Planner