Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bridezillas?? What's up with these Reality TV Shows?

So, it's a Sunday morning right after an incredible wedding at Star Ranch in Corona. What an incredible couple... what a magical place.

So, what does an event coordinator do on a Sunday after a swell Saturday wedding? I'm watching Bridezilla, the show that everyone references at almost every wedding that I coordinate. People ask me: "Do you have any bridezillas?" My answer: "No."
That's what a coordinator does... anticipating conflicts and taking care of them before they even arise.
So have you watched that show? What's up with these women??? Seriously, who wants to be on that show? After fast forwarding through three shows (thank goodness for Cox on Demand) I realize one thing: Couples need a wedding coordinator. Forgotten wedding licences, catering fiascos, brides that have no idea what they're doing at their rehearsals, no timelines or pre-wedding calls to vendors, tears, screaming, and more tears. Reality TV at its finest.
My advice? Hire a coordinator, sweet brides, even if you're not a Bridezilla.

Be swell.
Natalie Vishny

Saturday, July 11, 2009

So... where has Natalie been lately?

CHAMPAIGN/URBANA ILLINOIS! On the heels of my busy June wedding season in Southern Cal, I took off to the corn fields to a wedding of a former favorite student of mine. Planes, trains, and automobiles to get to my old college town (Go ILLINI!) of Champaign, IL. Going back to my roots to remember my teaching days right of college. Thanks for the warm welcome, LaBrecques. The reception at the top of the U of I stadium was unbelievable. Eye candy, baby!
A few tips for my wedding couples at the beginning of your planning processes:
  • Think outside the box! Reception Sites don't have to be in hotel ballrooms... even in Southern Calfornia. We can transform any location to create your dream day. When you're at a cool location, so much less decor has to be brought in.
  • Brides and grooms.. is a great place to start when making a website. Visit to see a detailed website that was made by the bride herself.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Miracle of Lighting at an Event

Time to give Tim from Best of the Best some props! Look at these before and after room shots of a wedding that I coordinated last weekend at University Synagogue in Irvine. The only thing better than the lighting at this wedding was the family. Incredible experience for me. I have the best job in the world.