Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let Your Holidays Sparkle in a New Way!

Let your Holidays Sparkle… without Breaking the Bank!

I’m watching the election results as I write this blog…no matter what way you voted...It’s Time for a party! We’re all ready to think about our holiday parties in a new way.

We’ve all experienced it. The time when we really want to host a party, but we feel as if we don’t have the money at the moment. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune and cutting financial corners does not mean you have to sacrifice the amount of fun your guests will have at your bash!

Here are some great tips that will help you host a fabulous get-together:

1) Do what you love. When you’re happy, your guests will be happy. Do you love to cook but despise cleaning? Hire someone to take care of the aftermath of the party. Do you hate cooking? Pick up from your favorite local restaurant.
2) Create an affordable theme. Instead of hosting a glitzy over-the-top party this year, think about alternatives: a cookie exchange with your friends, an evening of soup, rustic bread, and caroling; a cocktail party with the nearest and dearest in your lives.
3) Don’t mail the invitations. Hand create an invitation, use an evite, or connect with your friends the good old fashioned way… by phone.
4) Go eclectic! Mix and match your Grandma’s silver with your contemporary bowls. The trends in catering use a variety of décor items on every buffet.
5) Give up on paper goods. In almost all cases, using china and glassware that you own is less expensive than heading to the local party store.
6) Think …borrow… and buy ahead. The month of November is full of sales on all types of party goods. Borrow serving items from your friends and neighbors. Having a list when you ask from your neighbors or enter a store is like going to coffee with a friend. Comfortable.
7) Toasting? Absolutely! Have a specialty drink of the evening instead of a full bar! Greet your guests at the door with a greeting station with your favorite drink.
8) Choose food, flowers and décor for the season. Ask your favorite caterer, florist for the least expensive items in November and December. Use them everywhere. If you’re cooking, follow the store ads and buy items that are inexpensive. Make lists. They’re your best friends for the moment.
9) Imagine yourself in your own home and create a timeline for the day. That will help you create your last minute lists!
10) Enjoy your guests. The best host and hostess are calm and collected…know that opening your home is the greatest gift of all.
Be Swell... and Enjoy the Holidays!
Natalie Vishny

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