Saturday, May 16, 2009

2009 Wedding Statistics - A Little Trivia for you

I recently grabbed a cup of tea and listened to a Webinar (gotta love those~ you can even participate in your jammies) on marriage stats... glad to share the information with you
Here are some latest statistic in the wedding world:
The average wedding budget in the US in 2009 is $28,704.00.
In California, the average wedding budget is $37,024.00.
The average number of guests attending a wedding is 166.
77% of all wedding being planned are first marriages.
The average engagement is 9 months.
The average age of a bride is 27.2 years.
86% of brides plan on the internet, but 99% book vendors in person. Savvy brides!
Most wedding couples are likely to be paying for part of the cost of the wedding.

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