Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Thanks all the way around Orange County for my Swell Site!

Due to the strong encouragement of colleagues in the event world, I am making my first foraging steps into the world of "blogging". ;) It's a fun and creative device, however a little on the time consuming side of things, considering my current event schedule. I will attempt to update when and where I can.

My first item of business is to thank all of my colleagues who have supported my venture into Swellegant Events. After six years of being in the business, and having the most incredible referral clients, I knew it was time to go live.

Special thanks to Jen Siglin, my web designer! Her patience with me went beyond measure. Special thanks also to Brandi McNaughton of Girl Friday Designs for her graphics work... amazing! For all of the contributing photographers, a huge thank-you to you, as well! Couldn't have put together this site without you., Most importantly, a special thank-you to my clients who allowed me to showcase small parts of their events on my site... no photos on a site can ever capture your event memories, but I hope that reliving a bit of your event on my site brings a smile to your face.

And, finally, a thank-you to my family. My sister and brother, who were my unpaid editors, but the most truthful, provided incredible advice, thank you. It all begins and ends with family.

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