Saturday, February 14, 2009

One of My Secret Weapons~ An incredibly Talented Graphic Designer

Sometimes, when my clients are looking at their overall budget for an event, they say, "I don't want to spend too much on invitations, but I want something customized." NO problem! I pull out my secret weapon, Ms. B, and we get to work. She is My Girl Friday. It took me years of trying out one vendor after another, searching for a Graphic Designer who cared as much about my clients as I do. I watched my clients visit storefront after storefront. And then, through a mutual friend, I found Ms. B. Life is better for my clients because of her knowledge, experience, and creativity.

If you're beginning the planning of an event, and you've bought all the magazines, you've surfed the net, and you've created an inspiration file of "tear sheets", and you don't know where to go, give me a call. Where do you go when you want someone to make your vision into reality? Save the Date Notices. Invitations.Escort Cards.PlaceCards. FavorTags. Having an event where all of the graphics tie together from beginning to end is Swellegant.

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