Saturday, February 28, 2009

To Twitter or Not to Twitter... That is the Question

Ok. This whole Twitter website thing... what's it all about? I need to know. This week, I emailed one of my friends and said, "I will never ever twitter. Ever. Who wants to know that I'm at the gym... or, even better yet, in the dentist's chair? My clients could care less about that."

When I was up at UCSanta Cruz visiting one of my college kids, I asked he and his buddy, "What do you know about Twitter??
They seemed totally cool without the fact that they were missing twittering. Maybe it's because they have cooler things all around them all day... like deer on the way to class and wildflowers outside their dorms. Oh, and don't forget the ocean and that really incredible meadow. Sorry. I digress. Way too much personal information for my clients.

And then, lo and behold, I received this email from my Gen Y colleague, Kent Healy, from Cool Stuff Media:
"I admit it, I've done it now...I can't get by one day without someone asking me if I'm on Twitter. I've picked up the hint and created an account."

So, now... I wonder again... Should I twitter, or should I not? Would it be worth it out there to anyone? Email me! Let me know your thoughts...

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